“Integrity”– the foundation of good service and quality workmanship comes down to this one word. We hold deep respect for those who have trusted us with the assets of their business – the machinery, facilities and environments which men have been given great responsibilities to manage and maintain. Moffett stands on this principle and guarantees you that we will deliver on every commitment and performance promised – and we will enhance the value of your assets through the workmanship of our highly trained and dedicated staff.

Moffett Commercial & Industrial Paint Contracting has been serving north Texas business and industry for two generations. Founded by my father in 1946, Moffett has succeeded to grow and provide state-of-the-art technology in paint, coatings and finishes for much more than 30 years. It is my pleasure to personally work with many of our clients, providing personal oversight and direction. Please call me at 817-261-2554 and allow me to introduce myself.

Ronald L. Moffett
Vice President